Car Dealer Best Practices California

Chapter 18 – Lien Sales – Abandoned – Abated Vehicles 18.000 Introduction 18.005 Abandoned Low-Value Vehicles 18.010 Categories of Lien Sales 18.015 Cost to Conduct a Lien Sale 18.020 Declaration of Opposition 18.025 Declaration of Opposition on Low-Value Vehicles Removed for Reasons Other Than Abandonment 18.030 Definitions 18.035 Determining Fees 18.040 Dismantler Acquisition of Abandoned […]

Dealer Compliance made Simple

Think about this for a moment: The DMV Mandates an Education Provider to qualify the applicant with an understanding of the regulations and prepare the dealer license applicant to pass the DMV examination. The DMV Mandate does not require a sales pitch for every dealer product. Our DMV Certified Dealer Education will leave you informed […]

Gift Bows for Car Dealers

The Jum-Bow is the highest quality and affordable large magnetic car bow on the market. Car Bows are great for holidays and other special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and Valentine’s day. 30″ wide with two 30″ long x 4 1/2″ wide tails. Designed to be used either indoors or outdoors. Made of high […]

Private Class to Become a Licensed California Used Car Dealer

The California DMV requires you to take a class to become a licensed California Car Dealer The California DMV requires you to pass an examination to submit your application The California DMV requires a completed application to grant a temporary license Once the California DMV grants you the temporary license you are allowed to: Obtain […]

2020 Dealer Bond Activation

Retail Used Car Dealer License requires a $ 50K bond. Auto Broker Endorsement requires a $ 50K bond. Wholesale Dealer ( 25+ ) requires a $ 50K bond. DMV Registration Agent requires a $ 25K bond. Wholesale Dealer ( <25 ) requires a $ 10K bond. Motorcycle Retail Dealer requires a $ 10K bond. DMV […]

Compliance Alert for AS-IS Sales

AS-IS Vehicle Sale Every sale of a vehicle that is governed by the provisions of The Song Beverly Act, sold on an “as is” or “with all faults” basis, made in compliance with the provisions of this Act, shall constitute a waiver by the buyer of the implied warranty of merchantability and, where applicable, of […]

why Walnut Creek dealer school ???

TriStar Motors is not your ordinary DMV Approved Dealer Education Provider. Most of the 50 or so competitors purport to be experts in the auto industry.Most competitors charge low fees which range anywhere between $75 – $200.Most of the providers are insurance brokers trying to cross sell you surety bonds.Some own their own registration service […]

DMV Approved #realcardealerschool

Pre-Licensing Dealer Class In all of the following locations: ·Anaheim·Bakersfield·Burbank·Campbell·Clovis·Corona·Culver City·Eureka·Fairfield·Fremont·Fresno·Garden Grove·Gilroy·Hollywood·La Mesa·Long Beach·Los Angeles·Modesto·Novato·Palm Springs·Rancho Cordova·Redding·Riverside·Roseville·Sacramento·Salinas·San Diego·San Francisco·San Jose·San Luis Obispo·San Mateo·Santa Barbara·Santa Rosa·Sherman Oaks·Stockton·Tracy·Ventura·Visalia·Walnut Creek

DMV Registration Fees for California Car Dealers

Document Vault Search the links below for documents you need.  Adverse Action Notice Advertising Laws BOE Guidelines PDF Buy Here Pay Here Summary Changes to Dealership Ownership Status Requirements Contract Cancellation Option Chart Diesel Disclosure DMV Registration Procedures Manual Employee or Subcontractor? FTC Buyer Guide Info Goodwill Repair Acknowledgement License and Registration/Transfer Fees Lot Inspection […]

Make the Auto Connection

Landlord = California DMV $87 per year plus the county fee for each car dealer plate $2000 per year for your car dealer insurance $500 per year for your car dealer bond Are You Ready to Get Licensed? California’s Oldest Certified DMV Car Dealer School 800-901-5950 Operate on Your Car Dealer Plates Obtain Wholesale Car […]

Existing Car Repair ???

Are you thinking about expanding an existing auto related business such as car repair, car detail shop, tire sales, etc.? Remember, if customers already like you for your service you have their trust and selling or brokering cars to them is a natural bridge in the car selling business.

Dealer License SCAM Dealer Agent

They say you are an Agent of the Dealership.  Sorry, but in the vehicle sales business, there are no “agents” of dealerships.  There are owners, salespeople, service managers, service techs, finance managers. All except the owner require a salesperson license. If you are selling a car that is in the name of a dealer, you […]

Studio City Odometer Arrest

Studio City Man Pleads Guilty to Vehicle Odometer Rollback Scheme A case investigated by California DMV investigators LOS ANGELES -On August 26, 2019, a Studio City man pleaded guilty to operating a computerized odometer rollback business for vehicles that were leased from dealerships in the San Fernando Valley and Glendale. Serge Oganesian, 45, pleaded guilty […]

NOT another retired DMV inspector pretending to be a car dealer

You will need: DMV livescan DMV dealer class certificate of completion DMV score of 28 or higher on the 40 question DMV examination ***** we are in constant contact with DMV licensing advocating for our car dealer license clients our competition offers low quality low priced dealer training often focused on selling not teaching our […]

3 Steps to Dealer License Plates

There are basically three major steps you must complete to getting your license. Step OneComplete the TriStar Motors 6 hour new dealer course, including ourpractice test sign up now online. Obtain your class certificate upon completion of the course. Make an appointment with the local DMV Inspector and pass the DMV Examination. You will need 28 of […]

Car Dealer Best Practices California

Chapter 6 – New Vehicles Sold by California Dealers 6.000 Introduction 6.005 Manufacturer’s Certificate/Statement of Origin 6.010 Manufacturer Sales to Charitable Organizations 6.015 Multipurpose Vehicles 6.020 New Vehicles Altered Before Registration 6.025 New Vehicle Sales by a California Dealer 6.030 New Vehicles Sales by a Non-Dealer 6.035 New Vehicle Sales by a Nonfranchised or Used […]

DMV Wholesale Certificate of Completion

Become a Licensed Used Car Dealer Pre-Licensing Dealer Class In all of the following locations: ·Anaheim·Bakersfield·Burbank·Campbell·Clovis·Corona ·Culver City·Eureka·Fairfield·Fremont·Fresno· Garden Grove·Gilroy·Hollywood·La Mesa·Long Beach· Los Angeles·Modesto·Novato·Palm Springs· Rancho Cordova·Redding·Riverside·Roseville·Sacramento·Salinas· San Diego·San Francisco·San Jose·San Luis Obispo·San Mateo· Santa Barbara·Santa Rosa· Sherman Oaks·Stockton·Tracy·Ventura·Visalia·Walnut Creek